Schmorp's Anime-FAQ [2005-08-17]

This is the FAQ for schmorp's anime server(s). Please read it fully and carefully. Not doing so might result in bans, confusion and frustration.

This FAQ document can always be found at



260GB of new disks have been added. The update and repairs went on without any problems, although the machine is somewhat overcrowded now. You can look at some pictures taken at the site here: You can find more news in the news section of the forum:


There is a forum where you can ask questions or where you can exchange yourself with other users. It can be found at It doesn't require registration. If you ask a question, allow for 1-2 weeks for me to answer it.


The mailinglist and most other * services are still not restored, sorry.


What servers are there?

Server Size Protocols Bandwidth Accessibility 660Gb http 1 Mbit 24:7 12Gb http 1 Mbit 24:7

The server is down, will it come up again?

The servers usually aren't down, rather they are overloaded. When you get connection timed out messages, then your browser decided not to wait any longer (it can take a long time). Please don't tell me, chances are that I will find out about this much earlier then I would after reading all the mail I received about it.

If you want to get informed about changes, subscribe to the mailinglist.

I cannot connect for days!

Live with it. Either the server is busy or down. There is nothing you could do about it. Be patient. I had to be very patient when getting the files myself. Also, the servers are very busy, that means it might take a minute until the page shows up. Just be patient and wait, do not click retry, this will only sort you into the last place of the queue again.

If you want to get informed about changes, subscribe to the mailinglist.

Access Problems and Download Restrictions

Are there any download restrictions?

Yes, you may only open one connection to any of my servers. Exceeding this might result in bans. Excessive connection opening will result in bans. Retrying will also result in bans. You can, however, view directory listings.

I also restrict downloads to countries where the given material is licensed already. Don't ask me about it, I won't change this policy, and when your country is being misdetected, change your ISP.

What are the recommended settings for retry etc.?

retry time:   360 seconds (6 minutes)
read timeout: 360 seconds (6 minutes)

Segmented or split downloads: disabled

I only get 300 bytes / minute?

See the next question.

Why doesn't my download start?

See the next question.

How does the download queue work?

The server is overloaded. All the time. To make downloading more fair (and reduce network load as much as possible), there is a limited number of "downloads slots" and a wait "queue" (actually a pool) of people who want to download.

If you start a download, the server will reply with the file info (like size and date), but will not send any data (at least not much) until you get a free download slot. If you retry during this period, you will likely be blocked, as the old connection might still be open for some time (up to 5 minutes), so don't do that.

The waiting time depends very much on server load and file size. The idea is that you have to wait twice as long for files that are twice as large. The queueing page will display some example filesizes and some estimated waiting times. After the waiting time, you can get at least 8k/s, if you get less it's your pipe, not the server.

As an example, if the estimated qaiting time for a 100MB file is 7 hours, then it will take about 3.5 hours waiting time + 1.5 hours download time for a 50MB file. A 100MB file would take 7 hours of waiting and about 3 hours of download &c.

The queuing page will also display your running downloads. Here is what some of the fields mean:

Your place in the queue. Each time a slot becomes available (some slots are reserved for small files), the file in slot #1 is being served. This slot number will generally get lower over time, but sometimes it will climb up again, as smaller files can overtake you.
Remote ID
Your IP address, as the server sees it.
Your ISP's country.
The size (in bytes) of your request.
The time this download is waiting in the queue so far. The rightmost number is in seconds.
"Estimated Time of Arrival", actually, the estimated remaining time till the download starts. Since this is only a rough estimate, this can jump around wildly, but tends to decrease over time ;)

As a side effect this queueing system also seems to seperate the group of people who are unable to configure their client or people who are not really interested in anime very much, from the rest, who desperately try to download some episode ;)

Your server says the file is licensed in my country

Here is an (slightly edited ;) excerpt from the animedownload page, which I fully agree with:

"NEVER distribute files that have been licensed for commercial release. To do so hurts the distributors of that title who paid a large money to bring it to your country. More importantly it makes these companies dislike fansubbers. It makes them hate us actually. It makes it less likely that we will get subtitled versions from them. Currently Disney is thinking of not releasing Princess Mononoke with subtitles. And it took 15 years to convince companies to release KOR with subtitles. If you don't know if title is released, don't distribute it. There are thousands of files out there so stick with the good ones."

Sometimes the detection code will detect the wrong country. This means that your IP address (given to you from your provider) is being registered in another country. In most cases there is nothing I will or even can do about this.

I am from a different country than your server says

Some providers (most notably AOL) unfortunately allocate IP addresses for all their customers inside the US, as a matter of fact, your internet access is actually through the US. Since there is no way for the server to find out wether you really are from the US or not, there is nothing I can do about it. (The US is just an example of course, it also happens in other countries).

I get 'internal server error' or '400 bad request' errors

First of all, the server cannot generate "internal server errors", so your client or proxy is buggy. The second error "400 bad request" literaly means that your client made a syntactically invalid request, which is very uncommon. The second and much more frequent reason for this is actually the error "400 segmented downloads not allowed" (which is not displayed correctly by your client). As the error already says, you must not use segmented downloads. Most download managers have no problems with this and just continue to download the file normally, but some really broken tools corrupt your files and/or stop downloading. There is nothing I can do about that, after all, your program is buggy, not my server.

Another reason for these errors can be that you are sharing your IP address with others, e.g. through the use of a proxy or some masquerading host.

Can I open one connection for every server?

No, the connection limit is global (one connection to all servers, per person).

What pages can I open while downloading, if I do not want to be evil/banned?

You can look on the Server Status Page and you are allowd to browse the directory listings, but open only one page at a time and be nice to my server by not refreshing too often.

What if my download terminates (on program crash/power failure/lost connection ...)?

You can resume the download next time, as our server recognizes that you are not using a segmented download when resuming (technically both types of requests are similar). Wait some time, though, especially when your machine has crashed, as it can take anything from five minutes to as much as an hour to reliably detect that the download has ended.

The server will "charge" you only for the remaining bytes of your download. Yes, you did wait for the full file size on your first download, but it's still better than a complete restart, and the server has no way to know that "you" is really "you".

What means "overdue" in ETA?

The ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is just an estimate of when your download should start. Sometimes the server is too optimistic, and estimates that you should be able to download now, but it doesn't have a free slot. This is marked as overdue, meaning that your download should start very soon.

Can you make exceptions?

No, I can't make exceptions, even if I wanted, as the server software simply doesn't allow for exceptions.

Can I use program (any) to download?

I do not care what program you use to download from my servers, as long as you obey the connection limit. Please do not ask me about your program, I do not know it and will not look at it.

I have been blocked, could you unblock me?

If you were banned because you (temporarily) exceeded the connection limit you have to wait some time (the server will tell you for how long) and the ban will go away automatically. Do not mail me about this, as this additional burden on me will not make me more friendly towards you.

How does the connection limit work?

By counting tcp connections per ip address. Many download tools (called "accelerators") open up many connections for a single file (I have seen 60 and more). This is bad because it generates more load on the server which would be unnecessary. It also is socially unacceptable because this means that people using these tools might get better rates than others, until others also use these tools which results in even more wasted bandwidth and lower download rates for all users. To prevent this I don't allow this to happen.

Most proxies send enough information to identify individual clients. If your proxy doesn't, and other people also downlaod files using that proxy, turn it off.

What are segmented downloads and why are they disallowed?

Segmented downloads are an antisocial and technically dumb way to increase your bandwidth at the cost of other users. Basically, your download tool opens a large number of concurrent connections (usually four, but often ten, 20 or even 60), in the hope of getting more speed. This does work, depending on the server and filesize, however, it poses unnecessary load on the server and actually decreases download speed for my servers since they are basically limited by disk speed, which will be very low when a file is accessed at random positions, rather than being read linearly.

In other words: this trick works as long as not everybody uses it. When everybody uses it the net result will be decreased service quality for all, so this is an understandable but very dumb idea.

Fortunately, my servers can detect segmented downloads and does not allow them (except for the first connection, which is fine). Incidentally, some very broken download tools react by closing all connections and returning a bogus error. Your tool, your problem.

I was locked out but don't know why.

First, check wether you use a download accelerator that opens up many connections at once. A second reason might be that you are using a proxy that other people also use (and this looks as if the proxy opens up many connections). Try turning of the proxy in this case. A third but rather rare reason might be that you are using a dial-up (dynamic) ip address and somebody else was banned before on that ip address. Just wait and be angry about the other abuser.

I am forced to use a proxy, my ISP doesn't allow me to switch it off.

That's really unfortunate and I admit that this is not your fault but the fault of my accounting system. There is nothing that I can do about this at the moment, as I already try very hard to get the proxy case right. It's all the fault of ruthless Microsoft Windows programmers who thought that abusing the network is fun. It is also a bug of your ISP, which isn't an ISP because it doesn't offer internet access to you. Do not bug me about this, there is nothing I can and will do.

Files, Formats, Codecs etc.

Do you check all your files?

As time permits I check all my files. However I often publish files as soon as I get them, so it is possible that files are corrupt without me knowing it. If you find a corrupt file you should drop me a notice. Before mailing me, however, consider that most problems with not being able to play files are missing codecs or the wrong program. Please do not ask me questions related to your software.

Please also note that the INDEX files (these are available on every mirror) mark known corrupt files as incomplete or corrupt, so check these first. I cannot always update the files on the mirrors, but the INDEX files are always up-to-date. This is a bit more work for you, I admit, but these servers take a lot of time to administrate and you can actually help me a lot by doing this. So a few minutes for you might mean a few hours per week for me.

So, if you are still sure that the file is corrupt I'd be happy to receive a notice at Please note, however, that I really dislike idiotic questions about where to get this and that windows codec. I don't use windows and I have no idea why it's so difficult to view movies under windows.

Which language is file (any) in, is it subtitled?

Frankly, I don't know. Look at the filename (and see the next answer). If it doesn't give any hints then it's probably japenese with english subtitles. Personally I prefer this, as I dislike dubs. I do not usually have japanese-only files without subtitles, so the chances of you downloading something you cannot understand are low.

Do your filenames have a special format?

Yes and no. When I get new files, I often get them with names like "hana11.avi", i.e. without long name or an indicator of source. I often rename these files into a specific format:

series name - ep# ( optional info ) [ fansubber ]. ext

example: Kokoro Library - 01 [anbu].avi

The "optional info" usually are short strings like:
Code Description
hq high quality
alt alternate Encoding (usually the worse one)
jap japanese
kor korean
eng englisch
deu german
fra french
dub following a language code: dubbed
sub following a language code: subtitles

The "fansubber" code is one of the following (sometimes I have mixed this up. If you see an episode without a fansubber group or a wrong code, please tell me the correct one.
Code Group / Person IRC Channel IRC Server
a-e Anime-Empire #Anime-Empire DALnet/EFnet
a-f Anime-Fansubs #Anime-Fansubs EFnet
a-h Anime-Heaven #Anime-Heaven ANIverse
a-k Anime-Kissaten #Anime-Kissaten EFnet
a-v Anime-Videos #Anime-Videos DALnet
ab AnimeBaka
ac AnimeCo #AnimeCo
ad Anime Daisuki #Anime_Daisuki DALnet
adx Anime DivX #AnimeDivX EFnet
af AnimeFactory #AnimeFactory DALnet
ai AnimeInc #AnimeInc ETG
am AnimeMedia #AnimeMedia NewsNet
ampeg AmpegFansubs #animeMPEG DALnet
ani-net anime-network #anime-network DALnet /
ap Anime Papaya #Anime-Papaya
ap AnimeParty #AnimeParty DALnet
ar AnimeRevolution #AnimeRevolution DALnet
as AnimeStation #AnimeStation WebChat
as AnimeSync #AnimeSync EFnet
au AnimeUnion #AnimeUnion WebChat
av AnimeVortex #AnimeVortex EFnet
avn AnimeVision #AnimeVision EFnet
azn AznXtcy
bakamx bakaMX #bakaMX ETG
chiz ChiZeTo #ChiZeTo ETG
cf Choco Fansubs
cs Clear Shadow
e-f Elite-Fansubs #Elite-Fansubs ETG
fsf FanSubFiles
fivestar Fivestar
hnk Hikari no Kiseki #HikarinoKiseki DALnet/EFnet
ia Ishin Anime #Ishin-Digital ETG
ishin Ishin Digital #Ishin-Digital ETG
jd JDrama #JDrama EFnet
le LiveEvil
momopi Momopi
n-ef "Not EF"
nla New Life Anime #NewLife ETG
o-a Omega Anime Anime
p-a Psychlo-Anime #Psychlo-Anime DALnet
sachi Sachi
solar Solar #Solar ETG
soldats Soldats #Soldats ETG
ssx ssXanime #ssXanime WebChat
super5 Super5 #Super5 EFnet
teg The Electric Girls
wasabi Wasabi Anime

You have licensed episodes

Yes, that might happen. If you find licensed material on any server that you can download tell me about the url and country you are from, and I will block access to these files from the countries where they are licensed. Also, if you are a fansub group and don't want your files distributed, tell me. These servers are here to make the anime situation better, not worse.

How do I play format (any)?

I don't know. I currently use mplayer under linux to view most of my files. If you can't view a file then consult the documentation that came with your system or program. Please do not bother me, especially not with windows questions.

Do you have file/episode (any)? It's not on your server!

Each server has various index files, called 00-INDEX-something. They contain everything that's on the servers. That should answer your question. The 00-INDEX-FULL contains all files, while 00-INDEX-VIDEO only contains movies, 00-INDEX-MP3 contains music files and 00-INDEX-PICS lists all pictures. If a file isn't listed there then I don't have it. Don't mail me, I do not have it and will not be able to help you. You will only steal my time which results in even less anime on my servers.

Can you upload (anything) to your faster servers?

Hardly. It takes ages for me to upload something and I really do have work to do. I cycle files from time to time, but my servers have a severe lack of diskspace. You might contribute a harddisk ;)


What's rsync?

Rsync is a protocol that can resume downloads by using checksums, so it only relies on file contents, not on dates or size. It can also correct damaged files without downloading the whole file again. You can get rsync at

Rsync access is not currently available.

Please do not ask me where to get or how to use rsync. It comes with extensive documentation on it's own and I can't handle the load of your questions, really. The reason why archive and anime now only support rsync is that these are behind a very slow link and rsync is currently the protocol I can offer.

Is there a mailinglist for discussion about anime and anime-related topics?

Yes, it's the mailinglist. To subscribe, go to and follow the instructions to subscribe to the anime mailinglist. You can also subscribe to this list by sending mail to with subscribe anime in the body. You can unsubscribe using both methods as well.

I will also post announcement about upgrades/changes/downtimes etc. to this list usually.

How do I find out about updated/fixed files on your server?

Just subscribe to the mailinglist (see above).

What is IRC and how do I use it?

There is also an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server available. IRC is a very old (but proven) protocol that allows real-time chats, messages and all the things you expect from a real chat server. To connect to it use the server name You should then join a channel, for example #anime or #schmorp.


You lack some episodes, I have them!

I cannot currently accept uploads (no kidding), as I am far too busy ATM. This might change soon, though.

Great, why don't you contribute and upload them, so others can download them freely? Just drop a short notice to and you will be given an ftp upload account on a very fast server.

Some of your episodes are of low quality

Upload better versions. You are always welcome ^_^

You lack the series/movie (any), want me to upload?

Sure, except for Ranma (english) and Dragon Ball (any language) I accept about anything and will put it up. The reason I don't want these series (and a few others) is that they take a lot of space and seem to be available easily elsewhere. It's not as if I wouldn't like Ranma. ^_^

I have harddisks to give away.

Well, I don't really believe this but it has happened once, and more harddisk space means I can put more anime online. So....

Additional Questions

Can I reach you via ICQ?


Can I reach you by mail?

Yes, if you really must contact me then write mail to

Can I reach you via IRC?

Yes, I am usually on IRC, channel #schmorp (at If you really want to reach (and possibly annoy) me than go to that channel and beep (^G) or /ctcp page schmorp me. When I am available I will answer. Be patient, I am a busy person.

Can I link to your site?

Yes, you can link to my site, as long as you don't claim that it is your site (you couldn't believe how many people do that). If you link to my site, I would strongly prefer if you would link to the host only (e.g. and not a subdirectory, so that people can read the rules.

If you really want to link to a specific file (because you have a fansite for a specific series for example), you may do so. However, please link the the directory containing the file instead, not the file itself, as I rename files frequently, and linking to the directory gives the user a chance to navigate the site or find related files more easily. And don't forget the trailing slash, it helps to reduce bandwidth ;)

Why are you so unfriendly?

I try not to be. I do, however, get too much requests and questions that could be answered much faster without bugging me. And I am too busy to answer these questions. So I am quite terse most of the time.

Remember that keeping these servers functioning requires a lot of time and effort, so please don't keep me from doing this by asking questions you could answer yourself, even if it involves some work on your side. It took me years to get these files, so it should be ok for you to invest a few minutes, even hours, to figure out your problem yourself.

Having said that, I really try to be helpful to questions and problems you have, but please try to fix your problems yourself first.

Anonymous FTP Uploads

How do I contribute?

Please read the Contribute section, above.

You told me how to upload, but I don't really grok it

There is currently one way to upload: Using anonymous FTP ( with a special directory. This server is behind a firewall and needs special precautions: Active mode and RFC-compliant APPE to resume transfers. Most ftp clients autodetect both of these and just work fine, however, some broken clients exist, most notable cuteftp. See below for solutions to these problems.

I cannot change to the directory you told me

When uploading to your own directory on, you will face the problem of entering the directory - you cannot click on it since it is hidden, so you need to type in the pathname directly. To do this in a text-mode client, just enter the command cd /upload/dirname. For cuteftp you have to right-click on the destination directory name field to get a menu and then select "Change Directory" in this menu. You will then be able to type in a pathname.
[screenshot explaining how to directly enter pathnames]

My ftp client just hangs after login, I can't list directories

This is most probably the symptom of an ftp client trying a passive conneciton and not being able to fallback to active mode properly. For example, cuteftp requires you to manually disable passive (PASV) mode. To do this, use the menu to get to the Edit/Settings dialog box. In that dialog box, select Connection/Firewall to the left and then disable the checkbox beside PASV mode to disable passive mode.
[screenshot explaining how to enable active mode]

When resuming uploads, the server says ok but overwrites my file!

Ideally you would read this section before that happens ;) You are probably using cuteftp again, which actually tells the server to overwrite the file. I am not sure what the setting "REST before APPE" when resuming really means, but switching it off usually works in that cuteftp now uses APPE to resume files, which works properly.
[screenshot explaining how to toggle append mode]